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The Atelier Département started in 2007 with Stephane Rouxel,who with his open mind and free spirit, kept the door open to other fellow artists to come and experiment , create and exhibit.

It has been over 3 years that Christina Maximoff jumped on board and together they have started events called A Sunday At the Atelier.

Exhibitions, talks, live music …

A Sunday at the atelier has since become a radio show too.

The Artists exhibiting in Rome all have a link with the area and/or have worked together on other projects exhibition ,radio…and are learning from each other, it is about sharing, exploring and expanding the mind.

We are all coming from different geographical and personal back grounds.

Some of the work is more personal then the other, but what we have in common is the love of the arts and the interest of what is happening around us and people


Coming up this month : 

In partnership with La Stamperia del Tevere "From Paris to Rome": two artistic collectives will work on a single issue exhibiting in Paris and Rome, exchanging each other's respective venues.

The first stage will be in Rome inviting five Parisian artists part of the Atelier Départment who will be hosted at the headquarters of 
La Stamperia del Tevere 
to develop ideas along the theme of ‘Integration’.

The main aim to question the insurmountable barriers, whether mental, physical or bureaucratic, we face in society and personally. 

Exploring how stronger artistic and imaginative thinking can combat the walls and borders and to encourage deeper reflection and thinking on the possibilities for socialization and integration; and where geopolitical and economic changes have led to inevitable mass migration that develop new culturally diverse social arrangements.

Is it difficult in modern society to bridge the cultural gap between ethnic groups from of which our new communities are composed? The differences in fact may never lead to an evolution of constructive integration; but it is in the ghettos that get created where we can find the positive human predisposition of being a gregarious animal being eroded..

And with this comes an unraveling of uncertainty which pushes the modern Sapien to close in on him/herself, preferring a selfish and primitive attitude that identifies personal survival; a trait common with other malfeasance animal laws of the jungle, in Latin we become the “Homo homini lupus”.

Generally the artistic process, be it literature, painting or music are sensory outputs which act as a bridge, helping us straddle the sterility of hostile attitude towards embracing diversity.

Moreover the russo poet Michail Lemontov cogitated on this sterility in ​​the 1832 poem ‘The Sail’. ; about exile and of the poet himself feeling out of touch with his homeland. A young Lemontov, from Georgia, drew from his marginalization and living confinement as an opportunity to rake in with enthusiasm and rework literature that observed a culture different to his own.

The artists as part of this collective are working investigating the various meanings of the word integration. For instance, sharing something that is other than the self! Integration of racial, social, sexual, cultural, linguistic bias. with the intention to stimulate a growth paths that can counter any of life’s obstacles.


Marion Chombart de Lauwe
Christina Maximoff
Stephane Rouxel
Nicolas Sochos

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